4: Sleep – Perturbing

I have been contacted these past thirty or forty nights by someone with telepathic powers who comes to speak with me. I awaken to a time­less moment which lasts quite a long time – maybe ten or fifteen minutes – during which the clock stops counting, and during which I am in a sort of trance, a sort of dream that is not really like a dream. And he speaks to me, and I use an old 2B pencil to record what he tells me in a little note­book, often adding my own words and phrases to make it all sound more interesting than it really is, or to correct the grammar. I thought at first that my visitor was me, venturing forth from some dis­tant psychic reality to which I do not have access, or returning from the future as a sort of psychic time traveller, but since he has given me his name – a name with which I have no familiarity – and because he talks nonsense and in riddles, I must presume that he is not me, even though he speaks with my interior voice and says a good deal (in addi­tion to the nonsense and riddles) that accords with my experiences. He introduces almost every­thing he says with the expression ‘consider this’, which in my transcripts I omit on almost all occa­sions. But yes, I have considered these things.

Not everything has an explanation.


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