55: Riots – Erupting

AthensRiot7wikiAll night long, for hour after hour, in my dreams, I have been witnessing riots breaking out in cities all over the country. Running and shouting, scuffles and tear gas. Over the faces of the police, visors – over the faces of the rioters, expressions of desperation, delight, anger, fear, fury, and sometimes masks or scarves. I see banners bearing slogans and symbols – Kill the Bill, Women First, Tax the Rich, and more enigmatically, Out, Out, Out, and the raised fist of protest, rebel­lion and international uprising. I see disciplined rows of dark uni­forms sheltering behind long, plastic riot shields, armed with long, swinging ba­tons, advancing on a disorganised rabble armed with howls of distress and indignation, and a cou­ple of cardboard plac­ards that announce a fervent policy behind which all humanity may stand – those who retain their humanity, a dwindling pro­portion, I fear, as fascism rises again – No More.



[The photograph of rioting in Ath­ens in December 2008, sourced from flickr.com, was taken by Murplejane, and is used under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.]


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